Julian at Taylor-Green Spar Hampshire

Working with the team and the programme at Retail Guardian has ensured all our Best Practise information is stored in one secure location, from our weekly staff schedules, through the Daily operation and Due Diligence that takes place in a busy convenience store.

The software helps us spend less time on Administration and more time focusing on our Customers and business.

Readily accessible from where ever I have an internet connection, it keeps me up to date with what is happening at store, and with my team.

Added to the fact the Support team at RG are always looking to further develop the programme to meet the needs of our fast moving market place, and support it with great back up service.

Mark & Samantha Coldbeck, Wharfedale Premier, Hull

We have always had procedures and rotas in place for our team but needed something computer based that met our needs. Retail Guardian has replaced our paperwork systems perfectly and has created a more organised way of working that ensures tasks are completed accurately and on time which is vital to our business. It also offers excellent due diligence checks on age restricted sales, finger print recognition, payroll solutions, staff policy tests and much more.

Retail Guardian is the complete package and will benefit any successful, forward thinking retail operation

Joe Williams, The Village Shop, Hook Norton

Retail Guardian has helped change some of our time consuming paper based checks including temperature logging, no more time spent having to ask staff to complete jobs, jobs being completed twice or forgetting tasks as it's all logged in real time saving both staff and management time to focus on core areas of our business. The investment has made us be staff and time efficient

Vip, One Stop, Draycott

Installing and operating the tablet and software has been fairly easy. The staff functions are simple to understand after some brief training. The use of the fingerprint scanner is fast in verifying and completing the tasks. Signing in and out of work, managing age restricted products and best of all I know who has done what and when. The email and text message I receive make the whole system so valuable to me and my business. It’s just made my life and my team’s life so much easier and less complicated. I would definitely recommend this system to all retailers.

Dee Sedani, One Stop, Derbyshire

Retail Guardian has now given me the visibility I have always wanted. After installing the system I have saved thousands of pounds from staff completing their full shifts and not missing jobs to not losing my frozen food due to my fridges not working correctly. The fridge monitor system alone has saved me £697 to date. The system is brilliant and I personally now have the confidence that the team are doing their jobs effectively, clocking in on time and also my business now has 100% visibility where ever I am.

Dee Sedani is an award winning retailer who currently holds 49 national awards from the 'Best Small Store' to 'Technology Of The Year' and runs 2 One Stop stores in Derbyshire.

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