Time Keeping

Using our state of the art fingerprint reader this system provides failsafe records on when your staff clock in and out. This foolproof system provides data capture for your payroll.

Age Verification

We provide a training module complete with videos and staff questionnaire which is completed periodically by staff to keep everyone up to date. This includes enrolment features and sale rejection logging ensuring your compliance with regulations.

Staff Notices

Providing you with a virtual notice board for you staff enabling you to provide paperless information. Improving internal communication which can be directed at individuals and groups as required.

Staff Job Lists

A virtual list of jobs to complete, which can be arranged in a logical order. The scheduling of these is fully configurable, and notifications (such as SMS messages) can be triggered if jobs are late or unfinished.

Fridge Temperature Monitoring

Cloud based refrigeration monitoring integration. Generating an alert direct to the relevant people should your equipment fail to operate at the correct temperature.

SMS Messages

General SMS messaging functionality, both inbound and outbound* via a messaging area.
* Inbound SMS free, outbound 5p per message

Data Protection

Data in our applications is encrypted using multi layer encryption. This includes AES and SHA 256 encryption standards.


Our software offers connections to external sources in all forms. This includes web portals, email, SMS, automated telephone, and CMS integration.

Web Platform

Offering estate/account management, with remote connection functionality in future.

Calculator Functionality

A simple calculator for quick mathematical functionality.

Remote Access

Currently launches team-viewer (customer supplies own license), connects to web portal in future.

Paperboy Functionality

A paperboy payment management system, including deductions and the functionality to import data from most newspaper software systems.

Automatic Updates

The system downloads and installs updates automatically (prompt comes up on screen and application takes 5 - 10 seconds to restart).

Cloud Backups

All Data is backed up online automatically, avoiding data-loss concerns.

Staff Rota System

System for managing your staff rota including holidays, sickness etc.

File Management System

The ability to add files, and edit/view them inside the software. These files will also be stored in the database that is backed up online. The recommended use for this is things such as staff contracts/shop survey printouts etc.